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More Ham Radio Stuff Than Anybody!

Countdown to Dayton 2015     

Introducing our newest kit

The Andy-Crimp Pro™ Deluxe Crimp Kit

Everything you need to install Powerpoles in your station.  Includes our famous Andy-Crimp Pro™ Crimp tool; Powerpole insertion/extraction tool; assortment of 15A, 30A, and 45A Powerpoles; wire stripper; 4-way PWR-Blok splitter; and screwdriver for changing dies.  Compatible with our coax crimp connector die sets, of course.  All in a sturdy, custom designed ABS case.  
Special price of just $99.73  Go here

The Ultimate Powerpole & Coax Strip, Prep, and Crimp Kit
Our new prep, strip, and crimp set is just what you need.  Full cycle ratchet crimper specifically designed to install coax connectors.  Strips and Crimps RG-8, 213, 8X, 58, 174, 316, 59, 6, 11, LMR-400, LMR-240, 9913, and others. PLUS! It includes our exclusive Andy-Crimp Pro™ Powerpole die set to crimp 15-30-45-50-75A Powerpoles, Molex Connectors, insulated and uninsulated terminals. and more.  All in a sturdy, custom designed ABS case.
Special price of just $129.73  Go here
Anderson Powerpoles and Accessories
PowerPals™ Cables with Anderson Powerpoles
DC Power Cables, Connectors. and Accessories
Tools, Test and Soldering

Coax Sealing Tape

Connectors and Adapters
VHF/UHF Antennas
High Quality, High power Baluns
Antenna Wire and Rope
Ladder-Line, Coax Cable
Low-Loss Coax
HF Antennas
Coax Feed-Through
Tuner and Rotor Connectors and Cables
Antenna Mounts
Pass that Test!
Click here for tips and tricks on getting your license or upgrade

Grab 'n' Go, go-kit, jump-box, ready-pack -- whatever you want to call it, it's essential for doing any sort of portable or emergency communications.  Here's a collection of items that I think deserve a place in your pack.  You'll also find them quite handy at Field Day, public service events, and Ham Radio demonstrations.

Countdown to Y3K -- are you prepared?

New Item!
Dual Band 2M & 70 CM Transceiver
10 Watts output.  Perfect for Mobile, Portable go-kit, or home use.
Includes mounting bracket, USB programming cable,
easy to use software, and 3-foot power cable.

4-1/2" wide, 3-1/2" deep, 1-1/2" high
A very economical alternative to the "big boys"!

You can download the manual and specs here
Special Introductory Price Only

New Item - Special Intro Price
Go-PWR Plus™ Battery Box
For Group U1 Sized Batteries - Typically 35Ah gel-cells
Includes 2 sets Genuine Anderson Powerpoles,
Large Easy to Read Voltmeter, and On/Off Switch. 
Fully assembled and ready to go.
Please note:  Batteries are relatively heavy and expensive to ship.  Since we use flat-rate shipping costs, this is reflected in the price of the battery-included kit.  In many cases, you can find a battery locally at a better price. 
The battery should measure approximately 7-3/4" wide x 5-1/4" deep x 6-1/2" tall, not including the terminals.


Without Battery

With 35Ah
Gel Cell

New and in Stock!

Go-Kit? Portable? Mountain-Topping?

Whether you're planning a QRP "lark in the park" for an afternoon,
building a VHF-UHF EmComm go-kit, or just looking for on-the-go backup power, start with our brand new Go-PWR Kit.
Includes our heavy duty go-bag, 7AH rechargeable gel cell battery, charger, and a fused cable that fits the battery and provides power through Anderson Powerpoles (of course!) and a lighter socket. 

Special Introductory Price Only


  • Baofeng UV-5R dual-band (2M & 70CM) hand held radio -- includes rechargeable Li-Ion battery, belt clip, and antenna ;

  • Earpiece speaker/mic with PTT;

  • Charging stand with wall plug;

  • USB programming cable and CD;

  • Set of professionally produced laminated, printed reference cards;

In all honesty, the factory owners' manual is close to useless.  The included reference cards will be invaluable in explaining your radio so that you can set it up in the way that you want.  The cards are only available from us.





Our Deluxe Grab 'n' Go Kits are packed with everything you need for an emergency deployment, public service event, or just plain old Ham Radio Fun.  Yes, the radio is included!! You get:

  • Baofeng UV-5R dual-band (2M & 70CM) hand held radio -- includes rechargeable Li-Ion battery, belt clip, and antenna ;

  • Earpiece speaker/mic with PTT;

  • Charging stand with wall plug;

  • USB programming cable;

  • Set of professionally produced, printed and  laminated reference cards;

  • External magnet mount antenna;

  • 7.5 Amp-Hour Rechargeable Gel Cell Battery;

  • Fused Gel Cell Cable with Anderson Powerpoles and lighter socket;

  • Gel Cell wall charger with Anderson Power Poles

  • Powerpole cable to fit the charging stand;

  • And our heavy-duty 9-pocket bag to carry it all in.

All at a great price.  Whether you're newly licensed or an old timer, you'll get plenty of use -- and plenty of fun -- out of this great package.  Under typical conditions you'll be on the air for up to a week.


Our new Go-Bag is perfect for your Em-Comm kit.  It's 13" x 9" x 7",
with 9 different pockets to store your gear. 

Heavy duty weather resistant material will give you years of service.


Dual Band Mini Magnet Mount Antenna

Installing an external antenna is the biggest single thing
you can do to improve your signal

Covers 2M and 70CM, rated at 50 Watts
Includes pre-installed adapter for Baofeng, Wouxon, and similar hand held radios.
Super flexible and nearly invisible from 10 feet away. 
Great for rental cars, XYL approved
18" tall, comes with 9' of quality feedline.
Great for home, office, mobile, or portable operation.


Dual Band Antenna Upgrade

Put some punch in your signal with this improved antenna
Covers 2M and 70CM
Super Flexible, 18" long
Fits Baofeng, Wouxon, and similar radios with male SMA connectors installed.


Spare charging stand and wall plug for UV-5

In the rush to get out to an emergency deployment or public service event,
this is an easy item to overlook. 
Keep one in the shack and one in your Grab 'n' Go bag just in case.


Lighter plug cable for the charging stand.


Anderson Powerpole cable for the charging stand


RigSaver™ Cable.  Attaching big, stiff coax to that little bitty connector
on the radio is just asking for trouble. 
This cable acts as a strain relief to protect the rig. 
18" long and professionally built with high quality connectors and RG-316 Teflon cable.


SO-239 (UHF female) to SMA female adapter.
Fits Baofeng, Wouxon, and similar radios with male SMA connectors installed.


BNC female to SMA female adapter.
Fits Baofeng, Wouxon, and similar radios with male SMA connectors installed.


SMA female to SMA female adapter.
Fits Baofeng, Wouxon, and similar radios with male SMA connectors installed.


7.5 AH rechargeable Gel Cell Battery


Fused cable for gel cell batteries with Anderson Powerpoles and a lighter socket


Coax Adapter Kit

30 Piece adapter kit makes 144 different RF adapters.  Any combination of male and female UHF, BNC, SMA, Type N, TNC, Mini-UHF.  Buying all of them would cost over $700!  Get this kit for a small fraction of that.   Another go-kit must-have.





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