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The Andy-Crimp Pro™ Deluxe Crimp Kit

Everything you need to install Powerpoles in your station.  Includes our famous Andy-Crimp Pro™ Crimp tool; Powerpole insertion/extraction tool; assortment of 15A, 30A, and 45A Powerpoles; wire stripper; 4-way PWR-Blok splitter; and screwdriver for changing dies.  Compatible with our coax crimp connector die sets, of course. 
All in a sturdy, custom designed ABS case.  

Special price of just $99.73  Go here

The Ultimate Powerpole & Coax Strip, Prep, and Crimp Kit
Our new prep, strip, and crimp set is just what you need.  Full cycle ratchet crimper specifically designed to install coax connectors.  For all common coax cables.  Also includes our exclusive Andy-Crimp Pro™ Powerpole die set to crimp 15-30-45-50-75A Powerpoles, and many more connectors.
 All in a sturdy, custom designed ABS case.

Special price of just $129.73  Go here
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Tools and Test Equipment
Anderson Powerpoles and Accessories
PowerPals™ Cables with Anderson Powerpoles
DC Power Cables, Connectors. and Accessories
Tools, Test and Soldering
Coax Sealing Tape
Connectors and Adapters
VHF/UHF Antennas
High Quality, High power Baluns
Antenna Wire and Rope
Grounding Braid
Ladder-Line, Coax Cable
Low-Loss Coax
HF Antennas
Coax Feed-Through
Tuner and Rotor Connectors and Cables
Antenna Mounts
Pass that Test!
Click here for tips and tricks on getting your license or upgrade
New and in Stock!
Our new Go-Bag is perfect for your Em-Comm kit.  It's 13" x 9" x 7", with 9 different pockets to store your gear.  Heavy duty weather resistant material will give you years of service.


  Replace or upgrade your VHF/UHF antenna for higher performance,
better emergency preparedness, and lots more fun!
  For the most part, RF connectors are "gendered" by their center pins.  A male SMA has a male center pin and female threads. 
A female SMA is just the opposite. 
Antenna adapter for Baofeng, Wouxun and similar radios.  Lets you install an antenna with a standard SMA male fitting


Antenna adapter for Baofeng, Wouxun and similar radios.  Lets you install an antenna with a standard PL-259 male fitting


Antenna adapter for Baofeng, Wouxun and similar radios.  Lets you install an antenna with a standard BNC male fitting


  Use our RigSaver Cables when you put your HT in the car or otherwise
attach heavier coax.  They keep the stress and strain away from the
fragile SMA or BNC connectors on today's rigs.
Our cables are custom built for us using high quality connectors and
RG-316 coax.  Beware of cheap imitations using low-grade connectors
and inferior RG-174 cable!
  Click here to see our coax connectors and adapters.


RigSaver Cable BNC Female to SMA Male, with 18" RG-316
Connector has a male center pin and female threads.
Fits most ICOM, Yaesu, Kenwood, and Alinco HTs.



RigSaver Cable SO-239 to SMA Male, with 18" RG-316
Connector has a male center pin and female threads.
Fits most ICOM, Yaesu, Kenwood, and Alinco HTs.



RigSaver Cable SO-239 to SMA Female, with 18" RG-316
Connector has a female center socket and male threads.
Fits most Baofeng, Wouxon, and similar Chinese HTs.



RigSaver Cable SO-239 to BNC Male, with 18" RG-316


Dual-Band (2M and 70CM) antenna fits Wouxun and similar HTs.  No extra adapter required.  Mini-Mag mount.  Small and light, perfect for go-kit, travel, stealth or rental car installation.


High Gain "rubber duck" for Wouxon HTs.  No extra adapter required  Thin, very flexible whip will increase performance over the stock antenna.  16-1/2" long.


12 lighter cord fits the Wouxun charging stand.


Powerpole cable fits the Wouxun charging stand.


Speaker mic with volume control for Baofeng, Wouxun


HF-VHF Meter

1.7-150 MHz 3 function SWR/Power Meter.  Includes antenna for use as Field Strength Meter



Dual band 2/440 mag mount antenna.  19-1/2" tall.  Includes 12' RG-58 coax, PL-259 connector,  and  3" heavy-duty magnet



Super Stealthy Dual Band 2/440 Mag Mount.  1" Rare Earth magnet and ultra-thin flexible whip.  19" tall.  Includes 9' RG-174 coax and BNC or SMA connector.   

 BNC $20

 SMA Male $20

 SMA Female $20


2&6 Whip

5/8 wave on  2 meters and 1/4 wave on 6 meters.  52" tall with 3/8-24 threads.  Use with our 5" Mag Mount (below)  or any standard 3/8-24 mount.



Extra Large 5 inch magnet with 17 feet of quality RG-58 coax, PL-259, and 3/8-24 thread or SO-239 mount.




2 Meters, BNC, 6" Long



2 Meters, BNC, 4-1/2" Long



2 Meters, BNC, 11" Long



2/440, SMA, Super Flex, 7-1/2"



2/440, SMA, Super Flex, 16-1/2"




2/440, BNC, 15-1/2"



An easy fix for "HT-in-the-car" syndrome.  Slips over the car window and uses your rubber duck.  Available with SMA or BNC Connector.

w/ BNC $20

w/SMA $20


Speaker Mic fits most ICOM Handhelds with 2-pin plugs.  Also Radio Shack HTX-202 and similar.



Fits most Yaesu and ICOM HTs with a single 4-conductor pin. 
NOTE: Does not fit submersible models like VX-6 and VX-7



Fits Kenwood and Wouxon Handhelds with 2-pin plugs.


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